HowickIf you wish to “perform music” in your hall, and that could be almost anything from a live performance to a radio playing in the background, then the hall will need to obtain an annual licence from two copyright collecting agencies – the PRS and PPL. For an explanation of the difference, how the fee is calculated and how to pay it, try the link here. How much your hall is expected to pay is related to its income. But remember this income does not include donations or grants. However, there is a minimum charge which is currently (early 2020) £124.80 (including VAT) for the joint licence so a hall with a relatively low income -say £2000 – will find itself obliged to pay over 5% to these agencies rather than the 2% required from halls with incomes of over £10,000.  ACRE and others consider this unfair and are campaigning to bring about a change.

Photograph: Howick village hall