We now have a membership of 77 village halls or similar community buildings in the north of the county and neighbouring areas. You can view the members’ list here. The annual subscription is still only £10 per year and has been kept at this level since we started 15 years ago.

The Consortium’s purpose is to act in the interests of halls and promote their effectiveness and success. To discover in more detail the advantages of membership, please go the file here. If your community building is interested in joining the Consortium, please contact the NNVHC Secretary via the Contacts page. Membership subscriptions are due in June of each year and the year runs from June 1st to May 31 of the following year. 

Income Survey 2022 Community buildings in rural Northumberland are predominantly small because the majority tend to serve small, often isolated,  populations. A simple graph of their latest declared gross incomes, obtained from the publicly accessible Charity Commission site, can be downloaded here.  You will notice a wide range in incomes – from under £500 to over £120,000.  This massive difference reflects the diversity of halls particularly at a time of Covid when a few were not functioning and others had obtained additional funding for one-off building improvements. As a consequence we have tended to look more closely at the median figure – the income the hall in the middle of a ranked list.   In 2022 this was £19896. Still 138% more than the figure of £8361 declared in 2019 – the year prior to the pandemic. During a period when many halls were shut due to Covid, this must have been influenced by the availability of Covid Grants as well as some large scale capital improvements being carried out funded by outside sources. 



Photograph: Lesbury Village Hall