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One of the main concerns of any management committee is how to reduce the chance of anything going wrong. So what should be put in place to ensure that trustees are meeting their responsibilities when it comes to their duty of care for all users?


  • What is recommended as good practice and what is essential under the law?
  • What exactly is a Health & Safety Policy?
  • Is it important to have evidence to show that risks are regularly assessed?
  • What should be in our First Aid kit?
  • How should we ensure the protection of children and vulnerable adults?

The following documents relating to some safety issues could be useful. Example of fire risk assessment, Fire safety log book,  first aid box information.

Fire Extinguishers Part of any strategy designed to reduce risks is to protect your hall with sufficient fire extinguishers of the right type which are serviced regularly. Some major national companies have recently changed their contracts and massively increased their prices. Your Consortium has negotiated a discounted price with three Northumbrian based suppliers.   Northfire , based in Hexham, offers members an annual basic service call charge of just £15 plus £3.00 per extinguisher as well as discounts on replacement extinguishers etc. Contact Trish at Northfire on 0845 619 3619 and mention your Consortium membership. Firepoint Services  charges £12 attendance and certificate fee plus £2.40 for every extinguisher.  There is a minimum charge of £24. All these prices include VAT.  Contact 0191 251 2233. Again mention your Consortium membership. Another company, Firestop Safety,  offers members, within 50 miles of Berwick upon Tweed an annual service of a single fire extinguisher, of any type or size, for a no-hidden-extra charge of just £7.50. It stresses that its engineers don’t work on commission so there is no pressure to sell unnecessary replacement parts etc. Tel: 01289 309148.  NB It is important you confirm the current charges and discounts with all these companies.

Emergency Lights A member has drawn our attention to an excellent guide to the whole issue of emergency lighting (they stay on in the event of the power to the building being terminated). This guide should help you get your system up to standard and the section “locating your emergency lights” acts as a practical check-list. If you need any emergency lights visit our Buy, Sell, Give, Receive page. 


Photograph: Whittingham Memorial Institute