We usually meet four times a year in March, June, September and late November. We try to meet in a different hall on each occasion and vary the days of the week to try to give everyone the opportunity of attending as many meetings as possible. We have at least one main speaker to talk about issues members have indicated they would like to discover more about.

Details of our next meeting can usually be found on our News page. The minutes of past meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

Consortium Meeting 7 June 2017 Lesbury Village hall  The main speaker was Ross Weddle who spoke about energy audits in village halls with his work with Green Community Buildings. He was also developing, with colleagues, a DIY online system of energy audits which could be very attractive at an estimated  cost of £50. The AGM which followed received the resignation of Ted Brown as Treasurer and the following were elected as officers. Chairman: Jack Hasson, Treasurer: May Wilson and Secretary George Courtice. Heather Leatherland was elected to join them of the management committee.

Consortium Meeting 7 March 2017 Jubilee Institute, Rothbury  Pat Moloney spoke about the Institute’s 130 year history and its recent major refurbishments. Our outside speakers were Gavin Mitchell and Helen King from Allied Westminster Insurance services. They covered a range of issues from the importance of obtaining regular rebuild valuations to electrical condition surveys.

Consortium Meeting 24 November 2016 Breamish Hall, Powburn May Wilson introduced us to the history of the hall.  Our main speaker was Caroline Friend from VoiCeS who spoke about the importance of safeguarding children and adults from harm. A summary of her presentation can be found here and a list of useful safeguarding contacts in Northumberland can be found here. These might be useful to attach to your policy.

Consortium Meeting 31 August 2016, Kirknewton Village Hall  Ted Brown and Dorothy Sharpe gave an excellent introduction to their current 15 year old hall, its design and build. Christine Nicholls was our main speaker with the theme of energy savings in both halls and households. See her presentation and the leaflet on free central heating for eligible homes.

Consortium Meeting 2 June 2016, Howick Village Hall The AGM followed the meeting where we heard from Avril Meakin about the book she was preparing about village halls in north Northumberland. She is keen to make contact with halls.  Our main speaker was David Francis who explained what structural options were currently open to management committees. These can be found here. Our annual report 2015-16 summarises our activities during the year.

Minutes of previous Consortium meetings can be downloaded here. Please note that the most recent draft minutes are usually awaiting final agreement.

June 2017 Lesbury Village Hall

March 2017 Jubilee Institute, Rothbury

November 2016, Breamish Hall, Powburn

August 2016 Kirknewton Village hall

June 2016 Howick Village Hall and AGM

March 2016 Ulgham WI hall

December 2015 St James’s, Alnwick

September 2015 Alnmouth




Photograph: Ellingham Village hall