Obtaining external funding for both small and major improvements is often critical for halls. Although many halls can gradually increase their levels of reserves to cover unplanned costs, refurbishments etc are often beyond their means.

This is why obtaining funding is usually top of most halls’ lists when it comes to seeking support.  Who should we apply to?  How should we word the application? What are funders looking for?  How long will the decision take? A useful starting point is this booklet as it provides contact details and eligibility information for about 20 potential funders. It has been produced by CAN. Please note that things change and this was collated in June 2013. Northumberland CVA have also produced two helpful documents: Fit for Funding and Searching for Funding . Marc Johnson, based at Northumberland CVA is a source of knowledge on funding and can be emailed

In 2020 your Consortium arranged with VONNE (Voluntary Organisations Network North East) to allow members access to its on-line funding directory. But those members wishing to accessing it must join VONNE first. The good news is that this is free  when you join as a “Bronze supporter”.  When asked who your employer is type in “NNVHC”. This will link your membership to the Consortium’s and allow you to interrogate the directory at your leisure.

At our Zoom meeting in May 2021 Ellie Phillips referred to the Northumberland Locality Coordinators’ small grants (maximum £500). Here are the details of the scheme and a list of the 4 co-ordinators, with their contact details, here.  Please ignore the 2019 deadline!